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Found 4 results

  1. Player name. Pɢ ッ ʜʀɪDOY Player id 5230539947 match date 15/2/2020 02181BE1-D35E-4B35-BBE9-55209D3E6FEA.MOV
  2. Video publication link:
  3. Thank you for choosing our service. Follow these instructions to get Facebook Gaming Stream Safe Music to work on your broadcasting software. These instructions have been tested to work on OBS Studio Version 24.0.3 (64 bit), Windows 10 Pro. Step 1: Broadcasting software update It is recommended to update your broadcasting software to the latest version. Step 2: Interact with Browser Source Check if your broadcasting software can interact with the browser source. It is needed for this product to work. If you cannot interact with the browser source then you cannot use this product. Kindly switch to a broadcasting software that is capable to interact with the browser sources. Step 3: Access Project page Access the product page using the following URL: Facebook Gaming Stream Safe Music. Read the information on the page carefully. Step 4: Obtaining Facebook Gaming Stream Safe Music Subscription You will need Facebook Gaming Stream Safe Music Subscription to access the music service. Click here to access the subscription page. Proceed with purchasing the subscription. It is totally free and you will NOT be charged anything. The system may ask for billing details though. Kindly fill those details and proceed with the checkout. Step 5: Adding Browser Source to your broadcasting software Once you acquire the above mentioned subscription then you would be able to use the browser source link mentioned on the product page. Copy the URL and use it as a browser source in your broadcasting software. Step 6: Enable "Control audio via OBS" Enable "Control audio via OBS" setting of the added browser source's "Properties". The will allow you to control the volume of the browser source as per your liking. Step 7: Enable Audio Tracks Go to "Advance Audio Properties" and enable all the tracks where you need the music to flow from. Step 8: Audio Monitoring Select the monitoring settings as per your liking. Monitoring off: Music plays in the live stream. You will not hear on your headphones or speakers. Monitor Only (mute output): You will hear the music as desktop audio. The audio will NOT go live stream. But technically both you and your viewers will still hear the music. Monitor and Output: Both you and your viewers will hear the music. This may result in doubling of the audio. Video Tutorial: If you have followed the steps then the audio should be flowing smooth. In case you want support then use the support forum. Here is a quick link to the support forum: Click here for support. Hope you like what I have created. Please feel free to explore the website and engage with me! That all what i ask for! Thanks and Regards!
  4. Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited to tell you all that I have a new baby in my arms! I call her Streamer Royale. Who or what is "Streamer Royale" you might ask? Streamer Royale is a series of events that brings the content creators together and face each other in a showdown match. The objective of the match is to showcase the content creators and provide them a stage to show off their skills in their respective games that they play and broadcast. When will Streamer Royale happen? Streamer Royale will happen every mid month on a weekend. The dates are not fixed but expect it to be somewhere around 20th of each month. Will there be a live stream for Streamer Royal? Absolutely yes. All events will be live streamed on my Facebook Gaming Page, SteveZDad. Who can participate? Currently participation is based on "Invitation" only but generally speaking all those who live stream games are considered for invitation. Which games are covered under Streamer Royale? A wide variety of games are covered like (but not limited to) PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, PUBG Lite, PUBG PC, Rules of Survivial, Free Fire, CSGO, DOTA 2 etc. Have more questions? Write in the comments below. Cheers and wish me Success!!!
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