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Found 3 results

  1. Pleased to read it! https://www.facebook.com/eGGNetwork/posts/2870298713092816?__xts__[0]=68.ARC7u0Jw3k1vq-skMqS23axnu6Bri0Th8CM3BR06goow1ULHIeojb4oLRCh4iyQwS8cuTbML8kj70oeaKf6PF04AgkB0q31YxY9HqffogmkP0gWrgx7QMlFmV52galnRGmvHdCyKTM1upcYY4u2ayPXunBAmmQah0_CQJfUoEQfgW48oDp6YIyaSjRcdYEHdbyT-sayu4votwSzzWOa22Nrlbv9cGlBVQyys-jCY7oyRm_McAAZhvaJlrAQoDZU1HhG_uNsInLhtQliGN3ek_dcmlTmyc1XHfETteyDw8T0oKxdqh8g_fRxuN-Rk3vB4kjVY7wVwPyXoPXXlsqCuDo-uEA&__tn__=-R https://egg.network/stevezdad-tells-it-all/
  2. Now this is something that I always wait for. A chance to meet my fellow creators aboard the Facebook Gaming Partners train. I remember when I had the chance to meet some of my fellow creators back in March 2019. It was a lovely experience at Genting Highlands. This time the event was happening at the Avilion Port Dickson, Kualalumpur, Malaysia. It is situated on the west coast of Kualalumpur and fairly decent beaches and water shores. Speaking of beaches our event was themed to a beach party. Checkout the event poster. I had to take an early morning flight from Chennai as on the previous day I was at the place to attend GamerConnect event. If you wish to read about it then do check my previous blog in this same category. I arrived at the Chennai airport on time with hopes to get breakfast. FASCINATINGLY, the options were very limited. I was rather disappointed by the limited range of food available at an International Airport. Chennai really needs to buck it up in this area. Well I managed to find some Momos (yeah right!!!) and a cup of coffee. Immediately after breakfast I treated myself with a foot and a neck massage at the airport spa. Boy!!! That was relaxing. By far the best foot massage I have ever received in a spa. The flight was delayed by thirty minutes but it was okay. I boarded the flight and flew towards Kualalumpur. I arrived in Kualalumpur on 15th December 2019. The best part of this event was that my fellow creators from India had also joined me. Creators namely, @Shashank[sammad143] (Sam or TheMadBross), Drake Gaming, The Tharki Assasins, Indian Streamer, GodOfGames and Spyder PubG M. I got the meet them as we were all check into the same hotel called Best western. The hotel was okiesh and not really to my tastes but it was over ruled by the fact that my buddies were there. Sammad143 was my room mate. He was the first one I met with. He looked a little tired from his travels. I dropped my luggage and freshened up. It was time to meet up with my fellow Indian creators. I met all of them and after a brief chat we decided to go out for food. We all installed this app called “Grab” in our phones. It’s a handy app to book transport with the city. We decided to go to a place called Jaya Central Market. It was a small market but we managed to find a place for us to eat. There was a range of snacks we ordered. I was left unsatisfied though. After food we headed back to our place. Sammad143 and I decided to head to a nearby pub and enjoys some drink while the rest of the squad decided to go and visit Bukit Bintang area. After we got separated we had one of the nicest Carlsberg Beer. It tasted so different and fresh there. I wish the products we so much better in my country too. Well, we drank and then we headed to our hotel, went straight to bed. Next morning was a bright one. We were supposed to gather in front of the eGG Network’s office situated at a place called Jaya One. But before that we had breakfast at our hotel and gathered at the hotel exit to take cabs for Jaya One. It was a huge commercial complex to see when we arrived there. The eGG team was quick to respond to us and we soon met my group leader known as Eze and his colleague Nero. We were escorted to the pickup point which wasn’t that far actually. There was still time so a few of us went to a nearby coffee shop to have a quick latte. We were soon called in by Nero to board the bus. It was a lovely vehicle. Really loved the interior of the bus. We soon settled down and started our way towards Avilion Port Dickson. The journey was supposed to be an hour and a half long. Fun part was when Indian Streamer encouraged us to play Ludo on the way. Four of us matched up and we played a live multiplayer game, turn based of course. It was quite fun. You all should check it out too. The drive was quite amazing. We saw the outskirts of Kualalumpur and enjoyed a rain kissed scenic view! We soon arrived at Port Dickson and approached our destination. Oh my!!! Avilion was a beautiful property. It was a little hot though but the ambience and feel was amazing. A little crowded though as many of the creators were already there at the reception. We assembled at a corner near the reception where we had to leave the luggage and go for lunch. We got our lunch coupons from Eze and went in for much needed food. Honestly the snacks and food didn’t really appealed to me so settled for fruits and a bottle of wine. People were quite astonished to see drink wine but nonetheless I offered to many people who generously accepted a glass of wine and drank with amazement. After lunch we picked up our luggage and acquired the keys to our room. There were supposed to be three of us in the room. It was TheMadbross, Saokiller PubG and I, but I believe Sao had booked his own room and went straight for it. So Sammad143 and I checked ourselves in and relaxed. I decided to doze off for a few minutes. Didn’t really know when Sammad took off and I was taken by surprise when the whole Indian gang showed up in the room. They wanted to visit the beach. Couldn’t miss the chance. I woke up from my slumber and we went out to the beach. Oh boy! It was a nice beach after all. I think we spent about an hour before returning to the hotel and going for dinner. Dinner, sounds fun right but not for me. I couldn’t understand the head and tails of the menu. So did some alacarte. It was a nice to meet more fellow creators. Some of them drove in late. Had a very nice conversation with Chu Chu gaming. After dinner I met with eGG Network staff to discuss next days proceeds. It was at this time that Celyn brought me an amazing gift from Stelliana. She gave me a courier with a smooth Facebook Gaming Hoodie in it. I was super amazed to see that. We retired to our rooms to prepare for the big day tomorrow. Next morning I woke up early. Sammad143 was still asleep. I took the time to take and shower and ready up. Something deep down in me was telling me that the goodies we were about to receive would not be of my size. But i was hopeful. I woke up Sam and asked him to get ready. After breakfast we went in to collect our goodies bag. It was a nice little hamper. But as expected my T-shirt and Jacket were too small for me. I informed my group leader and he told me that he would fix it. But I knew it was highly unlikely. Anyways, Sean was kind enough to lend me his large sized jacket for the event. Anyways, we gathered in the main hall to start the event. Our host Faraz was the super star of the event. He conducted the event with grace. I cannot tell you about the proceeds of the event but one thing I would like to mention is that I was invited on stage for a quick interview. It was an honour for me to step on the stage along with Master Ramen and the amazing Ream Angkor. Two of the most amazing content creators of Facebook Gaming. During the short interview I was asked about how I was able to manage the time and cope with my streaming schedules while being a Daddy at the same time. It was a memorable time for me. The event ended on time and we were asked to take a short break and then return dressed up for the Beach Theme Gala party. Feeling content me and Sam returned to our room, rested for a bit and got ready for the Gala. I wore a cool T-shirt and a pair of shorts. I believe Sam and I were the one of the first to reach the venue. The setup was amazing. The gala was actually by the beach side. Nicely setup food table and a seating for good three to four hundred people. We took some photos. Slowly the content creators started arriving. And as expected most of them went up live on their respective pages. It was a fun sight. Faraz was our host again and he kept the mood for the event going. There were songs, dances, jokes and a huge giveaway event. I had never thought in the farthest moons that I can actually win a giveaway but my name was actually called in a lotto. I won a Thermaltake RGB smps unit. The feeling was amazing. I went in to receive the prize...DANCING... imagine me doing that. But it was fantastic. The night was called and everyone wanted to relax but for the party had just started. I asked my Indian gang to join me up at the bar for drink. LMAO.. only Sam showed up. But later I was joined by the amazing Patrik Shin. We had amazing chatter over the ever pouring drinks. Later rest of the Indian gang also joined up. We drank and oh yeah, there was a music band. I requested a few numbers and they sang beautifully. I think the bar closed late night and we were actually asked to leave. Hahaha. Have no idea of the time. Must be around 2:00 in the night. Maybe. I crashed in the bed and slept like a baby. Next morning, after breakfast we were to assemble at the lobby for checkout and to take a ride back to the city. And so it happened. We returned to Jaya one after a comfortable ride in a bus. I bid my farewell to the rest of the creators as I had to go in for my further engagements. This event has given me great memories and good friendships. I’m looking forward to our next meetup with much enthusiasm and respect. But until that time it’s the internet highway that will keep us connected. Cheers guys. Thank you for reading my blog. Feel free to leave a comment of appreciation/hate. Have a great day!
  3. Oh my goodness!!! I am so excited to tell you all that I have a new baby in my arms! I call her Streamer Royale. Who or what is "Streamer Royale" you might ask? Streamer Royale is a series of events that brings the content creators together and face each other in a showdown match. The objective of the match is to showcase the content creators and provide them a stage to show off their skills in their respective games that they play and broadcast. When will Streamer Royale happen? Streamer Royale will happen every mid month on a weekend. The dates are not fixed but expect it to be somewhere around 20th of each month. Will there be a live stream for Streamer Royal? Absolutely yes. All events will be live streamed on my Facebook Gaming Page, SteveZDad. Who can participate? Currently participation is based on "Invitation" only but generally speaking all those who live stream games are considered for invitation. Which games are covered under Streamer Royale? A wide variety of games are covered like (but not limited to) PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, PUBG Lite, PUBG PC, Rules of Survivial, Free Fire, CSGO, DOTA 2 etc. Have more questions? Write in the comments below. Cheers and wish me Success!!!
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