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Found 3 results

  1. Article link: https://afkgaming.com/articles/mobileesports/News/3590-Indian-PUBG-Mobile-Streamer-Stevezdad-Donates-INR-1-Lakh-For-COVID-19-Relief Instagram post:
  2. I am under a lockdown. I am unable to help my community. All I can do is protect my family. But wait... for the first time I see that the Government is actually doing something for the people. For the first time is see action that is towards helping the people. Now I see an opportunity. I see a way to do my part. and here is a start: Hope this will help the people. Another step that I took was to involve my community into the deed as well. I planned to do a charity stream from now onwards till the lockdown finishes. Following video explains it all. I hope people will respond. Hope they will try. And I hope we will get over this situation soon. Cheers!!
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