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  1. Hello all, so i tried to use the facebook gaming stream safe music that is provided free by Stevezdad sir. i had lots of problems regarding setting up the music in my OBS but Steve sir helped me with all the process and now i am able to use it smoothly. Note: There is whole process given on website with a tutorial video but if you still have problems even after following it you can check this post or contact admins of the site. I want to highlight some problems that i had faced during setting it up. 1) Don't log in with multiple accounts (Example : Facebook and discord) : Just log in with either Facebook or Discord. 2) After setting up link in OBS to start the music Once you log in with facebook, complete your profile - if you don't have PUBGM id than write 'Not applicable' and go ahead OR just restart your OBS. 3) You can hide the browser source in your OBS and music would still be playing. If you face any other problems then reply here i'll try to help if possible. Thanks to Steve sir for providing this free stream safe music.
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