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  1. Applicant’s Information: Full Name: Jeremy Smith Facebook Profile: Jeremy Smith Applicant’s Experience: Are you a moderator of another livestream or Facebook group? I own a sales group on Facebook called West Michigan Buy, Sell, and Trade. It has over 11,000 members. If yes then kindly mention the live-streams or groups that you are a moderator of: West Michigan Buy, Sell, and Trade. I am owner. Applicant’s device information: Do you use Facebook on a Mobile device or a personal computer/desktop? Mobile Device iPhone 8 Plus 256gb If I am chosen as a moderator, I will be quick to ban anyone that is being rude, posting links, bullying, being discriminatory, or causing any problems that takes away from others Experience. I will engage the chat and encourage others to have a great time and support the stream and SteveZDad.
  2. Bhai, you have such a great heart. I know that you would never use a cheat or hacks for any game you play and I know that you would never game the system. In the end, those that do these things shall pay, and they WILL pay.
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