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  1. This was an amazing experience for me too as I learned so many new things and also got to meet many good friends and gamers that are so passionate about what they do 😄
  2. Well many streaming platforms do have the policy against the 2nd part that you have mentioned but its just a written thing until we have proper admins to enforce that. Twitch use to enforce this too but currently they too seems to be slacking off a bit or maybe they dont have enough admins to keep an eye on everything as its massive compare to any other streaming platform currently, its just really hard to know weather its an human error or streamer is intentionally doing that without a human admins, they could introduce a bot(automated system) for this but we all know how YouTube's bot turned out, it started copyright striking everyone and demonetizing videos out of nowhere for no reason at all and i think same thing will be very disrupting for Facebook gaming as its still at a very early stage maybe thats why they dont want to intervene with a bot at this moment. 😕
  3. Time Stamp blog for a trip such as this works surprisingly well, because it feels like we are on this journey with you :v
  4. BliTz_TracK

    STEVEZDAD T-shirt Design

    May the best one wins!!!
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