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  1. This was an amazing experience for me too as I learned so many new things and also got to meet many good friends and gamers that are so passionate about what they do 😄
  2. Well many streaming platforms do have the policy against the 2nd part that you have mentioned but its just a written thing until we have proper admins to enforce that. Twitch use to enforce this too but currently they too seems to be slacking off a bit or maybe they dont have enough admins to keep an eye on everything as its massive compare to any other streaming platform currently, its just really hard to know weather its an human error or streamer is intentionally doing that without a human admins, they could introduce a bot(automated system) for this but we all know how YouTube's bot turned out, it started copyright striking everyone and demonetizing videos out of nowhere for no reason at all and i think same thing will be very disrupting for Facebook gaming as its still at a very early stage maybe thats why they dont want to intervene with a bot at this moment. 😕
  3. Its very hard to find a good military shooter co-op games because they are very badly monetized with most of the things are locked behind a paywall.But there is this one game i heard about WARFACE, its packed decent PVE game modes but PVP does have certain parts which can be pay to win or at-least are in the grey area. Other than that they just added a BR Mode to it too so thats pretty sweet. I did play it in its early stages but then battlefield was a thing back then so this game kinda hell out for me. Dont know about the current state of the game but the present player base is around 2k-3k on steam so i would say its still worth a shot if you plan on playing with friends 😆 Also you can try out WORLD OF WARSHIPS if you are into naval combat, u will have to grind a bit but game-play is amazing and highly tactical. World of tanks is kinda same but for tanks, didnt enjoy it that much.
  4. I wanted to suggest some of the free to play games on various launchers on PC that i have played so far and are a lot of fun with friends so i highly recommend you give them a shot 😆 [Co-op focused games] 1 - Dauntless (epic launcher) : This game has a lot to offer if you are looking for a game with very good sword-play and also they have tons of other weapons like dual pistols and bows is also coming soon. You can also put perks on your weapons and armor to help you fight different kinda of monsters(world boss). Its getting constant content updates like new bosses to fight, skins, maps etc. Combo system feels very reward once you master it and you can play it in a party of 4 players. Cross-play is also available in this game which is a major plus and the progression system is well thought out so definitely try it out. 2 - Warframe (steam) : Probably one of the best game free to play game for almost 6 years now and still going strong. This game is all about how overpowered you can become by grinding the missions and getting new gear that this game comes packed with. So here you are a space ninja meaning you can a lot of different types of Frames aka armors in this game fully customizable though a complex mod system which can by very scary at first but once you get your head around it, you are gonna love it. Each frame offers completely different play-style and powers. Also getting constant updates and story quests are comparable to any good 60$ full priced game. 3 - Destiny 2 (steam) : I just started playing so i cant say much for this game but so far it looks like a solid game, definitely worth investing time in. Right now i am going through its story quest which seems awesome, great cut-scenes and characters development. Game-play wise its very good, also you have tons of weapons to choose from and different classes to master. I have played very little of it to know exactly how the progression is but so far its looking very Robust. You will also get a pretty good PVP mod here, i dont know about how balanced it is yet but ehhh its in the game. Sooo i guess give it a shot but it does have a download size of 88Gb which can be tough for some users who are on limited data plans. There are a lot more free to play co-op games in the market but these are the ones i have personally played and think are good enough to invest your time in with healthy monitization and no pay to win mechanics but there are pay to skip the grind things in them like Xp booster Recourse booster etc( but they are not exploiting players that much ) 🙂 Co-op games are a lot of fun specially if played with friends for chilling after a hard and tiring day 😄 *BLITY FLIES AWAY*
  5. Yessss, will try it next time i am in this situation ❤️
  6. From my childhood days i have had several occasions where i have said yes to something which i knew was not the right choice. I though it was just me trying to keep everyone happy friends, family or even sometimes a complete stranger that needed my help, not caring about if it made my life miserable for a bit. Every-time i decide that this has to stop i just end up saying YES to the very next thing that is asked of me. It has gotten to the point where i will change my schedules or plans in order to do the thing that i promised to do for someone else. And it makes me frustrated with myself, sometimes i even scold myself like *why did u agree to that, u know its wrong for you* which i know sounds weird but is true. AND I AM TRYING SO HARD TO CHANGE BUT I CANT AND ITS SO ANNOYING. Like last night i wanted to stay in and play Devil may cry 5 which i an not getting the time to play. Then my friends came home unannounced and were like lets go out and i was like in my mind *ugh i dont feel like going out, i just wanna stay home and play this game and chill* but then i was like hmmm they came all this way just for me it would be rude to say no and guess what i said A FREAKING BIG YES. then when i came back home had a little fight with my little brother for such a petty reason, he is still not talking to me. >.< Phew venting out feels good 😐 So i dont know maybe i just have to try harder. I KNOW ITS SEEMS SO SILLY but for me it seems nearly impossible. I promise my next post will be funny 😆
  7. Time Stamp blog for a trip such as this works surprisingly well, because it feels like we are on this journey with you :v
  8. BliTz_TracK

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    May the best one wins!!!
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