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  1. I have read all terms and im ready to join your alliance thank you
  2. New year’s resolution is to become a better person not just for my self but for my family and that is to lose alot of weight and become healthy and to work hard good luck to everyone with their resolutions you can do if you out your mind to it.
  3. Sniper is sks with grip and suppressor matched with m762 same ammo easy to find and carry and good damage awm if i get the crate :)
  4. Oh haha I remember seems like so 2 weeks ago haha
  5. 3 is a great number haha good luck guys fingers cross love to win xx
  6. I used to say its just a game but now its a way to connect with old friends and new and even far family also makes me feel refreshed and watching your streams helps me improve my skills on the game great guy robin keep up you work you do and all the effort you out in to make us happy 😃 god bless you
  7. singhqueen

    Singhqueen aka hayley

    Thank you i had fun drawing this even though i cant draw lol he said not to copy of internet so drew my self lol
  8. singhqueen

    Singhqueen aka hayley

    Omg headshot with stevezdad on molotov bottle and idea for an artist to re draw and colour to liking
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