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  1. Nah bruh I'm not quitting the game cause I don't like, the game's pretty good and I believe I almost played the game for 3 years. I'm quitting cause i can't enjoy playing the game as I've done everything in the game and I can't call myself a gamer only by playing a single game, I hope you know what I mean 😔
  2. Damn I hope I win this one cause I'm anyway gonna quit playing pubm and would spend time on other games. If I win I might use the UC one last time. Btw please notify me if there are any other giveaways apart pubm.👋
  3. First to participate 😊 hope to win at least this one
  4. Hey there, I hope win this one. Btw would you be interested in making codm giveaways cause I kinda prefer codm😆
  5. I couldn't participate in this. I was there in the discord channel but forgot to participate in here. 😭
  6. I'm the first to participate, hope I win😊
  7. Hope I could win this giveaway because I never win anything😓🙂
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