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  1. Thank you Sir, Your prize has been transferred! cheers! And thank you for participating in SSS event! See you soon.
  2. @Deepanshu Upadhayay hi. have you applied to join the clan in game? If you haven’t the. Kindly do so.
  3. Hello, kindly create a separate topic.
  4. Hello! Thank you for showing your interest in joining the clan. I am happy to inform you that I have accepted your application. You have been accepted into the clan. Your current clan rank is: SDA Recruit
  5. Thank you for your interest. I would be happy to accept your application to join my clan. It would be a real pleasure to have you by my side! Thank you and welcome the clan! You current clan rank is: SDA Recruit
  6. Thank you! 190 UC has been transferred to the mentioned account. kindly confirm.
  7. Thanks. I’ll process the request soon.
  8. Are you sure you are running the global version of PubG Mobile?
  9. We are getting invalid player ID. kindly reconfirm player ID.
  10. Congratulations @Nibin Nibz, you have won this giveaway! here is winning comment!
  11. Thanks, I’ll update you soon
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