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    UC or Unknown cash is the in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile app. Participant of this giveaway has a chance to claim 190 UC that can be used in their PUBG Mobile game. Terms and Conditions: Participant must have registered at this website. Participant must have a valid, unbanned Player ID and Player Name. Participant must update the PUBG Mobile player information correctly in the their website's profile. Management is not liable for any errors in Player information. UC will be transferred using the PUBG Mobile Official Website. UC will be transferred within one week from the end of the giveaway. Disclaimer: Giveaway subject to availability of payment method at PUBG Mobile Official Website. The giveaway is non transferable. Management can withdraw the giveaway at any point without notification.
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    Been regular participant since giveaway 3 still couldn't win it, hope this time i will win it Not losing the hope 🙂
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