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    My New Year’s resolution for 2020 is 1080p. It’s gonna be in High definition😂 Lord I pray for my family and Steve in this special occasion.
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    Requirements to join the clan: 1) You must be a regular player. 2) You must have a headset with a mic, and use it. 3) You must speak English. 5) You should be willing to play ASIA servers. 6) You must be 16+ Years of age. You are required to follow these mandates if you are accepted into the clan; 1) Follow the clan motto, “Play with Ethics... Never Cheat...”. 2) Always be respectful to everyone, even your enemies in game. 3) Never use bad words or bad language while playing with fellow clan members.
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    New year’s resolution is to become a better person not just for my self but for my family and that is to lose alot of weight and become healthy and to work hard good luck to everyone with their resolutions you can do if you out your mind to it.
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    M416... M416 is a nice gun bcoz it's fire rate is very fast.. And the most modified assault rifle, the only Ar with 5 attachments point... It is also good in rushing and close range combat..and it has low recoil compare to any assault rifle... Single shot also works well☺☺ 2,3 and 4x sa spray bahoot aacha hota hai. ... M416 is very easy to find everywhere.....thats why I like this gun😍😍😍
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    My favourite gun is Groza becouse The Groza is a very powerful weapon especially at endgame due to its high fire rate, high damage, and low recoil. With a smaller play area, it is also very accurate.
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    Pubg name : ĆREEĐ々ALPHA pubg id: 5119716735 I couldnt get my prize in AlphaCREED due to some error.
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    I got my prize. Thank you
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    Thank you! 190 UC has been transferred to the mentioned account. kindly confirm.
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    Pubg name :AlphaCREED ID :6690380605
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    My new year's resolution is not so good but since our country has decided to make development in tourism by organizing a campaign called visitnepal2020, I will also be a part of that event in managing at local levels like keeping my areas clean and welcoming tourists through bottom of my heart. Steve you can come in too. All of them are heartly welcomed. Beside that, getting good grades and living everyday joyfully and prosperously keeping my parents happy and with a smile on their face everyday. I don't know I will win or not but through this medium I would like to invite you all once again to join in the campaign VISITNEPAL2020. JAY NEPAL😊
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    Thanks a lot! ill update you soon. cheers!
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    Player Name: Rḭẑẓ Player ID: 5110894039 Why do you want to join clan? I was in a clan with mobile players when i use to play on mobile i usually ranked between ace - crown when i was playing on mobile but now 2 months ago i shifted to emulator so i don't have a proper team to play right now so I'm looking for team which have good team work ability as i am good at team work so matches will be fun and we can get some chicken dinners.
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    Hello, thank you showing your interest in joining the clan. I hope you have read the clan joining terms properly. if you have not then here is the link for the clan requirements: so here is my follow up question, have you read the clan joining requirements and promise to comply with them as long as you are the member of the clan?
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    So I have Multiple resolutions 1. Watch at least 2500 anime Episodes and catch up with One Piece which currently have more than 900 Episodes. 2. I'm super lean and weak, so get a better body 3. Do something so I can overcome my social anxiety That's it, I don't think any of it is gonna happen, cause WW3 is here so 😂
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    My New Year Resolution will be to find second income for my family and reduce weight atleast 10 kg
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    My new year resolution is to learn guitar...❤️
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    Happy new year stevezdad🥳 .You are that one guy that always makes me smile❤️. My new year resolution is very straight forward this time. I will be focusing in pubg mobile compitative by grinding real hard. Gonna think only about the positive outcomes in my action. Main thing I’m gonna do is spend more time with my loved one especially my mom and dad❤️. I hope this year brings joy and happiness in everyone’s life 👐🏻. Thank you🙏
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    my new year resolution is to get modified and become A damn perfect person and not to bring a situation to make a resolution in my life ever again🤗
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    PubG Mobile Player name: Xtrem\SUNLORD Pubg Mobile Player ID: 5108822619 Match date of SSS event that you on: 6PM - 04-01-2019
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    Use the following format to post a claim: PubG Mobile Player name: Pubg Mobile Player ID: Match date of SSS event that you on: (time/date)
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    I'm going to make this year to create some happier moments in my life. And the best way to do that is to make others happy... I'll try to do that every seconds in my life
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    My new year resolution is to loose my weight and be slim and smart which is really really difficult but i have made my mind to do it
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    My new year resolution is to be punctual, and get more committed to work. Last year I wasn't punctual, so this time I'm trying to become punctual.
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    Um I'm 14 but my resolution is to stay with my mom help her now live is bite hard for us u see were moving out my mom left her job for us but its gonna be ok ima use the uc to buy the royal pass for my friends🤙🏽🇫🇷❤🤟🤟🤟
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    My new years resolution is to take care of my health, be more active and social.
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    M416 love it because of the damage and stability.Give me Fullt stocked M416 and i am gonna clear the lobby
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    My Favourite weapon is AWM because we all love giving " OMG HEAD SHOT " 😜 Best weapon to damage all level 3 equipment's, with this in hand you feel like you are unstoppable, Agar hindi mai bole to " Kabhi kabhi apne ko lafta hai ki apun hi bhagwan hai "
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    Favourite weapon is M416 ...as it is very stable with or without any attachments and it's very affective in close range as well as mid range fights .A fully equipped m4 brings destruction to your enemies. For me m4 is an all rounder rifle for all type of situations.
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    Sniper is sks with grip and suppressor matched with m762 same ammo easy to find and carry and good damage awm if i get the crate :)
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    M416 1- Close range perfect 2-Medium range spray & recoil very low perfect 3- overall perfect
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    AKM - High damage rate and what a beauty... Those sounds by attaching with suppressor... No words probably my best combo... Love it totally
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    M416 because it is effective in every situation and has high firepower and with all attachments the recoil is also very low
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    Favorite Weapon : Groza Reason : Amazing Gun with Highest Damage amongst AR weapons.
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    And the winner is: @Msk Jin Congratulations!
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    Prize: 770 UC UC or Unknown cash is the in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile app. Participant of this giveaway has a chance to claim 770 UC that can be used in their PUBG Mobile game. Steps to Participate (ENGLISH): Step 1: Make a video of your self in your phone or camera. 1. Tell about how did you find SteveZDad’s Facebook page? 2. Why do you want to win the UC Prize? 3. What will you buy with that UC? Step 2: Upload your video to your Facebook Page or YouTube Channel Step 3: Share the link of your video as a reply to this post. Steps to Participate (HINDI): Step 1: Aap apna ek video banayen apne mobile ya camera se aur usme yeh batayen: 1. Aapko mera Facebook Page pehli baar kab mila? 2. Aap UC prize kyon jeetna chahte ho? 3. Aap UC prize se pehli kya cheez kharidoge? Step 2: Apne video ko apne Facebook Page ya YouTube channel pe upload karen. Step 3: Apne video ka link yahan reply karke share karen. Instructions Video: What is the last date for entry? The last date for entry is 23rd December 2019. How will I choose the winner? I will watch all the videos and choose one winner who has made the best video. When will I declare the winner? I will declare the winner on Christmas that is 25th December 2019 GOOD LUCK!!! MAY THE BEST VIDEO WINS!!! - Disclaimer: Giveaway subject to availability of payment method at PUBG Mobile Official Website. The giveaway is non transferable. Management can withdraw the giveaway at any point without notification. By sharing your video link you give SteveZDad permission to use and display your video publicly.
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    Thank you all for your participation! and the winning entry is: @Rajat Singh Congratulations!!! I will contact you soon for your prize and details.
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