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SteveZDad Hate and Like Meme Competition


Welcome to SteveZDad’s Hate and Like Meme Competition and thank you so much for taking some time to view the contest.
Bring out the artist in you. Open your laptops and get ready to make some awesome memes.


What do i have to do to participate in the contest?
You need to create a SteveZDad Hate and Like Meme.

Look for the meme sample below.


Who can participate?

Anyone can participate. You need to be registered on the website to submit your entry. Use "Facebook Login" to login to the website or to create a new account.


How to participate and win this contest?

1. Create an account and login at the website. If you already have an account then login.

2. You will be given a blank Meme template to work on. Download the Meme template from below: 


3. Make your Meme using the downloaded template.

4. Submit your entry by pressing the "Enter" button below.

5. Share your entry on your social media like Facebook, Twitter etc., to invite your friends to vote for your meme.

The entry with the maximum votes by the end of the contest will win the contest.


What is the Prize?
There is only one prize for FIRST PLACE.
Winner Gets:

770 UC (UC or Unknown cash is the in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile app).


When does the contest start and end?
The contest begins on 4-Feb-2020 and ends at 11:59:59 PM on 19-Feb-2020.


Any doubts or questions?
Use one of the following methods:


Terms and Conditions:

  • Participant must have registered at this website.
  • Participant must have a valid, unbanned Player ID and Player Name.
  • Participant must update the PUBG Mobile player information correctly in the their website's profile. Management is not liable for any errors in Player information.
  • UC will be transferred using the PUBG Mobile Official Website.
  • UC will be transferred within one week from the end of the contest.

Kindly read the rules carefully. Not following the rules may lead to permanent ban from all SteveZDad communities.

  1. Do NOT submit Mature (18+ content).
  2. Meme should be prepared using the “SteveZDad hate and like meme template” only.
  3. The required meme’s aspect ratio is 1:1 (Square image).
  4. Meme should be a stand alone design.
  5. The winner is required to submit the meme in PNG or JPEG format.
  6. All memes should be related to SteveZDad and not just random meme.
  7. DO NOT put your logo, watermark or signature on the Meme that your create.


  • Can submit unlimited entries.
  • Can cast unlimited votes.
  • Cannot vote on your own entries.

Participant Agreement:
By participating and submitting an entry you agree without limitations:

  • to give SteveZDad lifetime full usage rights of the Meme design/image with modification.
  • that you may not submit this Meme for any other contest elsewhere without written permission from SteveZDad (email is sufficient).
  • that the Meme submitted is your original creation and does not subject to copyright from third party. In case there is a violation of copyrights, the participant will bear all the litigation and legal actions.


  • UC prize given is subject to availability of payment method at PUBG Mobile Official Website.
  • The prize is non transferable.
  • Management can withdraw the competition at any point without notification.

View terms & conditions

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