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    To all those who are giving the exams, marks are not as important as understanding the concept.
  3. Pleased to read it! https://www.facebook.com/eGGNetwork/posts/2870298713092816?__xts__[0]=68.ARC7u0Jw3k1vq-skMqS23axnu6Bri0Th8CM3BR06goow1ULHIeojb4oLRCh4iyQwS8cuTbML8kj70oeaKf6PF04AgkB0q31YxY9HqffogmkP0gWrgx7QMlFmV52galnRGmvHdCyKTM1upcYY4u2ayPXunBAmmQah0_CQJfUoEQfgW48oDp6YIyaSjRcdYEHdbyT-sayu4votwSzzWOa22Nrlbv9cGlBVQyys-jCY7oyRm_McAAZhvaJlrAQoDZU1HhG_uNsInLhtQliGN3ek_dcmlTmyc1XHfETteyDw8T0oKxdqh8g_fRxuN-Rk3vB4kjVY7wVwPyXoPXXlsqCuDo-uEA&__tn__=-R https://egg.network/stevezdad-tells-it-all/
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    Agar kisi ko “Thank You” bolna hai to aaj hi bol do. Kisko pata kal ka savera hoga ya nahi...
  5. I am super proud to announce Saturday Fight Club or SFC, PubG Mobile weekly TDM Tournament by SteveZDad Every Saturday evening at about 4:00 pm IST (+5:30 GMT), I am going to host a TDM tournament. You are welcome to join them and stand a chance to win approximately 240 Unknown Cash (UC, an in game currency used in PubG Mobile). Format: SFC will be played as a single elimination 4 vs 4 tournament. A maximum of 8 teams can participate in the event every week. Winner takes all. Main event We would play series if TDM matches in the map “TDM Warehouse” with standard settings. Players will register as a team of 4 players. If a player of a team does not show up then the team would play the match without the player as handicap or they can choose to forfeit the match. The winning team of the tournament will get 240 UC prize (Quantity may vary a little bit depending on PubG Mobile official website payment package) How to join the custom rooms? You need to register for every event. For every SFC match there will be Facebook event posted on the SteveZDad Facebook page which will require you to register for the event using WhatsApp. You can find the WhatsApp link in the “Tickets Available” section of the event post. How to claim the prize? The team leader of the winning team can contact me using my Instagram at Instagram.com/SteveZDad handle. I’ll process the prize from there on. The prize will be issued in the form of 4 coupon codes each worth 60 UC. The coupon codes will be given to the Team leader ONLY and it is the sole responsibility of the Team leader to distribute the coupons of the team members. SteveZDad or and member of Team SteveZDad will not be responsible for the distribution of coupon codes to participating Team members. When will I get the prize? Within three days of the winner contacting me on Instagram. Terms and Conditions: 1. Only Mobile players allowed to participate. No emulator player is allowed to join. 2. Prize becomes invalid if the winner is observed to be hacking or cheating. 3. Players are not allowed to team up with other players. You will be disqualified. Even if you win the match you will not be given the prize. The prize will go to the next legitimate winner. 4. UC transfer will be done from PubG mobile official payment gateway. The availability of the package will depend on the gateway itself. Gateway link: https://www.pubgmobile.com/pay/ 5. Fair play and have fun!
  6. I’m super happy to announce that I finally have a WhatsApp number for myself. Please feel free to add the following number to your address books. +918847631643 It is a business account and the same can be verified by visit the about section on Facebook.com/SteveZDad Thank you!
  7. If you wish to participate on Saturday Super Stars match then kindly send a WhatsApp message to: +918847631643 please include the following information in the message: Your Name: Your PubG Mobile Player ID: Your public email address: If you have already participated before in SSS events then you just need to send a message to the above WhatsApp number saying that you wish to join the next SSS event. This WhatsApp number is the official WhatsApp number of SteveZDad That can be verified by visiting SteveZDad’s Facebook page and visiting the “About” section.
  8. Today I started a new playlist on my Facebook page called the “Perspective” which I intend to use to express my thoughts on worldly affairs. As a first video I posted this: Hopefully I can put this to better use.
  9. I did an experiment. I was getting tired of checking the phone all the time watching these stupid memes and pointless WhatsApp videos. Therefore i decided to take a small break from it. I switched off my phone for two days. Two days of true social distancing. And you know what. It was not bad at all. I spent more time with family. Spent more time thinking about myself. Thinking more about my priorities. Now when I turned my phone on in the morning. It didn’t feel as good as I had hoped. I mean there were messages that needed to be replied to but honestly large portion of them are completely unnecessary. I don’t know where I am going but life is definitely changing. At least for me. How do you feel about it?
  10. SteveZDad

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    You always say that “You cannot change who I am”, but do you truly know who you are?
  11. Article link: https://afkgaming.com/articles/mobileesports/News/3590-Indian-PUBG-Mobile-Streamer-Stevezdad-Donates-INR-1-Lakh-For-COVID-19-Relief Instagram post:
  12. I am under a lockdown. I am unable to help my community. All I can do is protect my family. But wait... for the first time I see that the Government is actually doing something for the people. For the first time is see action that is towards helping the people. Now I see an opportunity. I see a way to do my part. and here is a start: Hope this will help the people. Another step that I took was to involve my community into the deed as well. I planned to do a charity stream from now onwards till the lockdown finishes. Following video explains it all. I hope people will respond. Hope they will try. And I hope we will get over this situation soon. Cheers!!
  13. SteveZDad


    Congratulations @Falcon😁 on winning the contest. Your prize has been transferred.
  14. Whats abouts next giveaway ?????
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    The perfect nibba
  16. Congratulations @Shubham Bhimani for winning the giveaway. Your prize has been transferred.
  17. Publication link: Facebook post: Direct website publications: http://indiannoob.in/in-conversation-with-stevezdad-aka-robin-gupta/
  18. Not recieved the prize yet bhau...🙁
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    SteveZdad memes

    Like & share
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    Freefire VS PUBG

  21. Been regular participant since giveaway 3 still couldn't win it, hope this time i will win it Not losing the hope 🙂
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