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  3. I got my prize Robin Bhai thanku.
  4. Thank you Sir, Your prize has been transferred! cheers! And thank you for participating in SSS event! See you soon.
  5. PubG Mobile Player name: 『Gytonde』 Pubg Mobile Player ID:564507524 Match date of SSS event that you on: 18-01-2020
  6. @Deepanshu Upadhayay hi. have you applied to join the clan in game? If you haven’t the. Kindly do so.
  7. Earlier
  8. Hello, kindly create a separate topic.
  9. Hello! Thank you for showing your interest in joining the clan. I am happy to inform you that I have accepted your application. You have been accepted into the clan. Your current clan rank is: SDA Recruit
  10. Thank you for your interest. I would be happy to accept your application to join my clan. It would be a real pleasure to have you by my side! Thank you and welcome the clan! You current clan rank is: SDA Recruit
  11. Thank you! 190 UC has been transferred to the mentioned account. kindly confirm.
  12. Thanks. I’ll process the request soon.
  13. Pubg name : ĆREEĐ々ALPHA pubg id: 5119716735 I couldnt get my prize in AlphaCREED due to some error.
  14. Are you sure you are running the global version of PubG Mobile?
  15. We are getting invalid player ID. kindly reconfirm player ID.
  16. Pubg name :AlphaCREED ID :6690380605
  17. Congratulations @Nibin Nibz, you have won this giveaway! here is winning comment!
  18. My new year's resolution is not so good but since our country has decided to make development in tourism by organizing a campaign called visitnepal2020, I will also be a part of that event in managing at local levels like keeping my areas clean and welcoming tourists through bottom of my heart. Steve you can come in too. All of them are heartly welcomed. Beside that, getting good grades and living everyday joyfully and prosperously keeping my parents happy and with a smile on their face everyday. I don't know I will win or not but through this medium I would like to invite you all once again to join in the campaign VISITNEPAL2020. JAY NEPAL😊
  19. Thanks, I’ll update you soon
  20. I have read all terms and im ready to join your alliance thank you
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