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GamerConnect Mumbai October 2019



Meet and Greet  

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I was invited to attend GamerConnect event at Mumbai. It was a great honour and my travels spread over four days. Here is a blog post with the description of the event and how I felt through the travels! Enjoy and kindly comment down below if you anything to say or if anything crosses your mind. Don’t be shy. Write a comment. And don’t forget to follow my blogs for future updates!

Before you read check out this Vlog that i have made for the event.



Day 1: Traveling to Mumbai
Good morning world!

For some reason it took me about thirty minutes to get out of the bed today. I knew I was going to going to get late but I was warmly woken up by Mrs SteveZDad.

I think I was dreaming of a mental hospital. I can’t find any reason why was dreaming about it. But it seemed like my family was happy to put me there. Well, creamy thought. I’ll leave it here.

Had a quick breakfast in bed and when straight to the shower to get ready. Soon after I was ready to see my son, Steve, off to school. I took my time to say farewell to Martin as well. Martin is a student exchange from France. He came to stay with us for a few days.

Surprisingly I was ready to travel pretty early. I still had thirty minute before the scheduled departure from home. I took this time to sit with my family and discuss some last minute family affairs.

I believe that about 8:30 am I began my travels towards Chandigarh. I had a scheduled flight to Mumbai at 12:15 pm. The journey to the airport was more or less boring. I don’t really like road travel but had to do it anyways.

One exciting thing happened though. At the security post of airport entrance we were stopped by a security personnel, a commando unit by uniform. He asked us that where we were going. We were happy to tell his that. But then this man said to my driver that on my way back he should stop over the other side. On inquiring why he said that there was some guy who wanted to go to Patiala and that my driver should take him. I lost my cool at this statement. I confronted this man with blankly told him that this is not going to happen. I was rather upset on his words. How could he even ask such a thing from a private vehicle. I wanted to see his supervisor and file a complaint by my family driver told me to keep calm and just let it go.

I don’t know why but my frustration towards the government administration keeps on building these days. Honestly speaking I even consider moving out of this country for these very irresponsible government behaviour.

Well that being said I entered the airport. I was warmly greeted by @Navjot Singh Sandhu aka Dynamic Jatt. I was also expecting @BliTz_TracK and @Arsh Deep Singh who arrived at the airport momentarily. We finished our security checks and took to a restaurant to enjoy some noodles and a cold beer. Unfortunately they did not have Hoegaarden, which is my favourite beer at the moment. Allow me to tell you that Asahi draft (Japanese beer) is the best beer I have tasted yet. Blast, the restaurant didn’t have my flavours. I had to settle with cold water. Never mind, I was going to Mumbai and I was hopeful that I would get lots of options there as far as options in beer are concerned.




Even so, we had good meal and went to our gate to board the flight.

In flight I am always intrigued by the flight attendants. I don’t know but there is something to them that makes me feel good. May be it’s the way they are smartly dressed or the way they greet everyone. So here was a particular attendant. Her name was Jasmine. Really smart girl and well behaved. I hope I have a chance to break the ice and strike a conversation.

Well, all hopes have been crushed. Never mind! It was a bygone.

Our band is together. Our final destination was still one and a half hour away. So we decided to get a quick snack. We took an airport cab to the hotel. Not feeling so tired we were excited to check out the traffic and surroundings in Mumbai. Even though the traffic was packed but we were still moving. There were little times when we had to halt. The security personnel were in large numbers given the fact that there are going to be elections on Sunday. Anyhow it took us about an hour and a half to reach the hotel, Abbot Hotel. It was a nice property. Good entrance and ambience. We had a minor hiccup at check-in but it was soon dealt with.




Later in the day we were escorted to the venue for briefing and team meet-up. It was a good session. I got to meet a lot of friends and known folks. GamerConnect team was a great team. Everyone was friendly and super supportive. After spending about two hours at the venue we decided to head back to the hotel.



@Shashank[sammad143], @BliTz_TracK and I had dinner and talked about our lives at gaming over a pint of beer. It was a fun filled conversation. Had no idea that it got to 12:30 in the night. We bid farewell and promised each other to wake up by 7:00 am and be ready for breakfast at 8:00.

I was super tired. Almost forgot to take out my contact lenses. But I decided to write down this blog when the memory was fresh. On with that thought I checked my mails for the day and went to sleep hoping that I could wake up on time the next morning. Ah yes, I did book a wake up call at the hotel front desk.

Good night!


Day 2: GamerConnect Mumbai - October 2019
Good Morning!

It was raining from yesterday. Non stop! I was worried. Would it impact the event in any way. It was a good day start for me. Woke up on time and got ready for the day ahead. Breakfast was okay and I could say that I’ve had much better breakfast but anyways I just had some fruits and a cup of hot coffee. @BliTz_TracK and @Arsh Deep Singh were also ready for the day. We hurriedly went to the reception and waited for our transport to the venue.



The venue was just two kilometers away. A beautiful building. The entrance was all set and lit with graphics and posters. The volunteers and staff were looking sharp and were getting ready to open the gates for the public. So here was the thing. I was supposed to stream from the venue and there was a dedicated streamer booth. I went to the booth and found that the preparations were still going on. There were some hardware installations still pending. So I had to wait for some time.



Meanwhile @BliTz_TracK and devil came to me with a plan for the day. We started with photo shoots and began taking interviews. I used my time here to meet representatives of the leading brands present at GamerConnect. These people are amazing. No doubt they have such responsibility on their shoulders to lead the top industry brands. I went further to meet the awesome @Kiran Noojibail and Ratul the amazing presenters at the show. Gem of a person each one of them.




I received information from @Shashank[sammad143] that @Bonerjee, @Sunlord ☀ and @Hiren Patel bhai were arriving at the venue. I was overjoyed to know that. I was just wondering if I would be able to meet them on time as I had the streaming schedule to meet. However the technical problem wasn’t yet resolved so @Shashank[sammad143] and I went to the cafe to get a lemon drink. People were already pouring in from the main gates. I was spotted by my fans and they stopped me for a quick photo and a small chat. I took this opportunity to thank them and shake their hands and not to mention give them a hug! Amazing people!









Momentarily, @Bonerjee, @Sunlord ☀ and @Hiren Patel arrived. Now this was a mix of several emotions at the same time. I have known these wonderful people from quite some time. Some I have talked on phone or discord with. Some I have texted with and some I have played amazing games of PubG Mobile with. But to meet them in person. My heart skipped a beat. Looked at those amazing personalities and couldn’t believe my eyes. I hugged them strong. My eyes were a little wet with joy. I greeted each one them with pride. Took this moment to take their interviews and gave them my special merchandise. They all seemed to be very happy to see me. The added flavour was the presence of @Shashank[sammad143]. I took a few minutes off to check on the streamer station which unfortunately was still facing problems. I had to cancel my streamer slot after all. I was so sad that I could not show my views the live broadcast from the venue. But then I took so many pictures and got amazing footage from the booths.




Went for lunch with the squad, however the cafe was tightly packed. We actually had to share a table with two good folks from Mumbai. It turned out that they were streamers too. It was a fun time with the meals and desert. I must mention that I also met one really unpleasant individual/fool who’s name I would mention. But meh... bygone!!!

After lunch I headed back to the venue. I had to attend a special panel where I was honoured to become one of the four panelists. The discussion topic was “Streaming Scene in India”. My fellow panelists were Appolonia, PC peasants and Supermad. Amazing people to talk with. Our audience was people with mixed interest and they showed great interest in our talks. Aman Biswas moderated the discussion. It was a wonderful session. I presented direct facts and tried to encourage the audience to take or at least consider video game content creation as a potential career option. I hoped that people would take my message and do think about it. I did get the cottage of the session on camera but the light was low so the quality is not as good as I had hoped.



Anyhow, we were called upon the stage for a surprise. The event was almost to its end and prizes were handed out the the several winners of the tournaments that were held for the games like Mortal Kombat, Fifa and CSGO. Afterwards, much to our surprise, I was called upon the stage to be honoured with a beautiful momento.





The event was closed with great fanfare and music. I gave my thanks to the organizers and gathered my friends to return to the hotel. @Shashank[sammad143] and I went to hotel to quickly freshen up. Meanwhile @BliTz_TracK and @Arsh Deep Singh hurried towards the airport as they has a late night flight back home. We had made dinner plans with @Bonerjee and @Sunlord ☀. @Hiren Patel had already left for home. We went to this beautiful place called “Sigree”. After dinner or should I say, light dinner @Bonerjee dropped us near the inOrbit mall where we to meet the GamerConnect team members and other influencers for dinner. Yes, two dinners same night. Had to manage. But surprisingly I didn’t eat much at both places.



I believe it was 11:30 in the night when @Shashank[sammad143] and I returned to our hotel. We took a quick nap as we had an early morning flight to New Delhi. Put up all kinds of alarms and hotel wake up calls and slept with satisfaction. And why not, it was a terrific day after all!


Day 3: New Delhi, Facebook Office visit
Early good morning!

I woke up at 2:30 in the night. Spent some time in the bed watching the watch and after giving myself a lot of five minute snoozes I finally got up and got ready to travel. Packed up my stuff and called upon @Shashank[sammad143] as we were traveling together to New Delhi. I had already booked a ride for airport. We started at about 5:00 am for the airport. The roads were not so packed. Arrived at the beautiful airport and headed inside only to fine a super long queue at the check-in counter. BUMP!!! Somehow managed to get ourselves checked in and went through security checks. Last night’s Masala food was beginning to show its true colours in my stomach. I had to eat light. I was just looking for some fruits! Unfortunately I couldn’t find any fruit or juice stall. We ended up at Burger King to eat some junk food in the morning!! BUMP again!!! Well we conveniently boarded and flight and started to fly towards New Delhi. @Shashank[sammad143] slept like a baby. I too took some time to take a quick nap.







We checked into my hotel, JW Marriott, Aerocity and rested for time before we headed towards Facebook Office in Gurgaon. The traffic was light as it was a Sunday. We visited the office and had the opportunity to meet Minsun and Alex from Facebook team. I also met a beautiful tall girl in a green dress over whom I had an instant crush. I mustered the courage to tell her that how astonishingly beautiful she was looking but she very conveniently put me off!!! Well, she escorted us to the meeting room where we joined by Minsun, Alex and representatives from Gaming Monk. Had a good discussion. It lasted for about two hours. Time flew! We finished the meeting and headed back to the hotel.




Coming back we took a quick freshen up routine as we were to meet Sunny Bhai (Versatile). All three of us enjoyed some quick snacks and drank awesome draft beer who’s name has completely skipped my mind. Something that went like hoppers or something. After a short meeting I bid them farewell as I had scheduled another meeting with some of my friends.



They night ended with a blast. I don’t remember exactly but I think I slept around 1:30 in the night. Cool!


Day 4: Homecoming
Woke up at 7:00 am. Packed up my stuff and headed towards the airport. The most amazing part of the day was my ride to the airport. It was a Volkswagen Beetle with fancy vinyls. Check out the picture. The entire airport parking area checked out my ride as a stepped out. Haha! Funny feeling! Well I was early at the airport so I treated my self with breakfast and a relaxing foot, neck and back massage. My flight was on time. I reached home at about 5:00 pm and was warmly greeted by my family. It felt good to be home. Showed my family the various pictures I took. Relaxed for the day and had a good night’s sleep!




Final thoughts:
It was great trip. Harvested lots of learning points, gained many friends and met amazing fans! It was a great experience overall. I’m all set and ready to meet people at the next GamerConnect event that is to be held in Chennai in the month of December. Ah yes, this is subject to the fact that I would be invited to event in the first place. Well, fingers crossed and until next time!




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This was an amazing experience for me too as I learned so many new things and also got to meet many good friends and gamers that are so passionate about what they do 😄

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3 hours ago, BliTz_TracK said:

This was an amazing experience for me too as I learned so many new things and also got to meet many good friends and gamers that are so passionate about what they do 😄

Thank for being a part of my team @BliTz_TracK!!! Let’s hope we can do wonders in the upcoming events!!

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