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    How to claim Supporter benefits?









    Thank you so much for becoming my supporter or considering to become one.

    This article will give you information on what all additional benefits you get by becoming a Supporter and how to claim them.


    List of benefits:

    1. Get access to premium section on my Discord server.

    2. Get access to a special Supporter only Facebook group.


    Procedure to activate each benefit:

    Acquiring permissions to access the premium section of the discord:


    1. Join the discord server at: https://discord.gg/XyXEdY9

    2. After joining, contact SteveZDad to setup your discord permission.

    3. Once set, you will get access to the Premium zone. There is a special channel in the premium zone called “premium-livechat”. If you write something in this channel during a live stream the comment will be read out loud to the entire stream. So SteveZDad will hear it and the chance to miss your comment is next to none.


    Acquiring access to Supporter only Facebook Group.

    SteveZDad maintains a Facebook group for his supporters where they can communicate with SteveZDad as well as other supporters directly.

    To access the group check your notifications. You should have received an invite to join the group. It should be by the name "SteveZDad Supporters".


    That’s it for now.


    This is an ever changing article. New updates will be kept publishing on this article. So it is highly advised that you follow this article.


    Thank you so much once again for becoming or considering to become my awesome Supporter.

    Edited by SteveZDad

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